We're the solution to many of your Non Hazardous Liquid Waste Challenges.

We strive to meet, or exceed, our goals of excellence in customer service and satisfaction.

We will provide you a customized solution for your Non Hazardous Liquid Waste Needs.

Non Hazardous Liquid Waste Management Solutions

For industries and corporations, we can handle any type of liquid waste management needs from recycling to collection and final disposal.

Precise Adherence to Environmental Guidelines

We commit to delivering quality service when it comes to disposal of your non-hazardous liquid waste. We adhere to strict DEP compliance and final disposal at a State Certified Subtitle D lined Landfill, located next door to our facility.

Sustainable Solutions for Business

Our practices will give your business a long term solution to your non-hazardous liquid waste challenges. We are always on the lookout to maximize sustainability for our clients.

We've Got The Solution

We're the solution to many of your non-hazardous liquid waste challenges. If your business or corporation needs a reliable solution for disposing of your non-hazardous liquid waste, you have found it. Our facility is permitted by the DEP for up to 30,000 gallons of non-hazardous liquid waste per day. 

Bulk Tanker Loads

If you need a service provider that can accommodate full tanker loads of non-hazardous waste, you've come to the right place.

Chemical Identification/Lab Packing

Our experienced technicians cover all steps of the disposal process.

Drum Pick-Up

Are you looking for a way to get your non-hazardous liquid drum waste streams disposed of properly? We can help!

Drum Extraction

Our team goes above and beyond. Regardless of where the drum waste stream is located, we can take care of it.

Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal

Our state of the art facility is located on five acres perfectly situated next door to the Class 1 Subtitle D Lined Landfill which is the final disposal site.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

Having the right people on your side in disposing of hazardous waste is key. Although we do not handle any hazardous waste streams at our facility, we have the relationships and partners in place to address any of your concerns

Lab Sampling/Waste Identification

Partnering with the premier testing Laboratories in NE Florida allows the team at Solidification Services of North Florida, LLC to quickly assess and address all of your non-hazardous liquid waste streams.

Site Remediation / Soil Disposal

Knowing what to do is half the battle in dealing with contaminated soil issues. Our team has 55 years of experience in the waste industry which allows us to address any soil issues you may encounter.

Facility Audits

Facility audits are one of the services we provide that can give you insight on all of your waste streams throughout your facility. Our sales team will visit your facility and make expert recommendations.


What We'll Do

Solidification Services of North Florida, LLC helps you put your money and time to good use when it comes to your non-hazardous liquid waste management. We have created a process of quick removal and disposal of your liquid waste streams.

Solidification Services of North Florida will give you our very best option without compromising quality. Although it may take several steps, we will be the ones to solve that problem, no matter what it takes.

Being environmentally sound is tremendously important to us! We always meet and exceed all EPA requirements in regards to disposal and recycling. Why? Insufficiently treated wastes put all of our health at risk. That isn't a risk we are willing to take.


Familiar Territory for Us

Our company comes to you with a combined, 55 years of experience. We have built strong ties with key people in the industry to meet the needs of North Florida and surrounding areas. Our services include:

  • Bulk Tanker Loads
  • Lab Packing/ Chemical Identification
  • Drum Pick-Up
  • Drum Extraction
  • Non-Hazardous Liquid Waste Disposal
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal
  • Waste Identification/Lab Sampling
  • Site Remediation/ Soil Disposal
  • Facility Audits



Our Standards

Solidification Services of North Florida, LLC has all permits and insurance to properly handle the disposal of non-hazardous liquid waste for your facility. We provide state of the art solidification and disposal solutions for a variety of non-hazardous liquids, in bulk or drum formats.

In order to facilitate the unloading process for deliveries at our facility, we have created an easy in and out procedure to keep trucks flowing through our site, with minimal downtime. We are ready to accept deliveries or can arrange drum extraction to meet your needs. Just call or email us to get started.

Contact Us

Please contact our market development team. Their 55 years of experience in the waste industry will ensure that your company’s non-hazardous liquid waste disposal needs are taken care of quickly, effortlessly, and professionally. The team can be reached at:

Cell: 229-395-2559Office (386)916-9711Fax (386)326-1402

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