How It Works

Solidification Services of North Florida, LLC brings 55 years of experience to the table. We have honed the process of transforming non-hazardous liquid wastes into solid waste and have streamlined the steps in getting the solid waste to its final landfill destination. Our company seeks to provide you with the  most stringent DEP compliant method.

When waste comes to our site, whether by tanker or in drums, we ensure that it is inspected, properly identified, and offloaded into one of our 4,000-gallon containment pits. Our company's experienced technicians quickly identify what’s needed to solidify your non-hazardous liquid waste and get started on the process. We then handle the final disposal to our State Certified Class 1, Subtitle D, Certified Landfill, just down the street.


Over the Years

The process of solidifying and disposing waste has changed over the years. It used to take multiple tries. Insufficient solutions would create more waste. No longer.

Over the years we've found better, earth-friendly solutions. For example, we use absorbent waste materials that meet EPA standards to solidify wastes. We operate by using other absorbent waste streams to solidify your non-hazardous liquid waste streams. By doing this we are beneficially reusing solid waste in the process. We then take the solid waste to the final disposal at the landfill and use it for alternative daily cover. This closes the reuse and recycling loop from your non-hazardous liquid waste stream to our facility to its final destination, a State Certified, Subtitle D Landfill.

If you need a “final disposal certificate”, we can do that for you.